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about  Maria


Thank you so much for delving into my website, and congratulations on being at this very exciting stage of your preparations. 

So, here’s a bit about me: what’s brought me to this fantastic career, why I love it and what inspires and fills me with joy.

I spent my early years in the far north of Russia, a romantic snowy land inside the Polar Circle, where the Gulf Stream is our best friend and the landscapes are incredible. I could ski in May but couldn’t sleep in June because of the midnight sun.

At nineteen, a meeting with two brothers from a white Russian émigré family had a profound effect on me. They each spoke three different European languages in order  to communicate with their parents and grandparents, and their main family language was Russian, spoken as it would have been pre-Revolution.  The encounter with these people, who embraced four different cultures thanks to their incredible family mix, impressed me. I remember wondering from the moment I saw them how the world should look from their perspective.

As a university student I spent an exchange year in France, and it was then that I understood I had passion for travel and culture. Throughout my twenties I studied and travelled in various European countries, soaking up the art, history and architecture.

Along the way, I acquired four languages, and something even more important, I met my wonderful husband. Even when we had to live in different countries because of our work, our relationship stayed strong. I remember life as a constant whirl of plane journeys, and eventually abandoned adjusting my watch as I crossed and recrossed the time zones.

Eventually, we settled in London, and it’s thanks to him that I now have the beautiful surname of Faci, which his family took to Spain when they left Italy some 400 years ago.

Some experiences leave an unforgettable imprint on your soul: I’ve swum with white whales, one of which got so playful he nearly drowned me; I’ve camped in virgin forest, hundreds of miles from any civilisation; once as a student in St Petersburg, I found myself shaking hands with the President of France and the German Chancellor on the same day.

My profile as a photographer is distinctive in that I first studied Fine Art. I bring the knowledge and skills I learnt from this to inspire the way in which I photograph. I love working with people who want a creative and artistic approach for their wedding portfolio.

I learnt the art of photography at a specialist Academy in St Petersburg, and then spent time under the tutelage of one of the country’s leading wedding photographers.

My journey into wedding photography was passionate and actually quite straightforward.

The morning after my own big day I was recollecting everything that had happened, and it felt as though I was looking back on a marvellous dream. It occurred to me that the photographs we’d commissioned of that day would be our principal record of its beauty and joy, and would add to our personal, precious memories. And then, I was struck by a clear and inspiring idea. I knew that by using my own skills as a photographer and artist I could capture this significant and magical moment for others. I feel very fortunate to have chosen this path for my career and to be doing something I feel genuinely passionate about.

These are the things that inspire and delight me in life: the work of artists such as Paolo Roversi and Elisabeth Messina, making a spontaneous visit to see some random part of Tate Modern, romantic getaways with my husband, lots of heavy rain or snow, kindness, open spaces, quirky flower shops, a box of macaroons from Ladurée, the ocean, vintage details, painting in watercolours and meeting creative people.

For more details about how I can work with you to create breath-taking and beautiful pictures of your special day, please see ‘My Approach’.

Planning your wedding is an amazing time – do enjoy it. And please contact me to talk more about making a stunning visual record of your day.



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