Mummy this cake is not fun

I’ve been going through my archives yesterday and here is another thing I found.  On the day of our son’s first birthday my husband was at work and I decided to buy Sandro his first proper birthday cake. He was so excited about it at the patisserie that I said I’d not keep it from him and let him enjoy the thing : ) ha-ha

I got my camera ready too as I was expecting lots of fun… Sandro took the time to smell it properly, but as soon as he found out that it’s cold and sticky to touch and smudges his little hands, he got really really serious about it. He took care of the cake quite quickly though but it was everything but fun. Rather a dirty work you just have to do, I’d say. : )


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Lord Mayor of London on HQS Wellington

After the Lord Mayor’s annual show I was the official photographer on board of HQS Wellington during the reception held by Master Mariners in honour of the Lord Mayor of London. The ship also happened to be an excellent place to see the evening fireworks and to take some nice photos of the Master, the Warden and the Lord Mayor of London wearing their full regalia. The Cook and The Butler served us delicious canapes, French wine and good mood. Here is small selection of my favorite shots from the evening. Continue reading “Lord Mayor of London on HQS Wellington” »

How were your Christmas holidays?

Mine were quite original this time: we went to the fabulous-warm-and-sunny Spain, where I got the flu, then passed it to my son, and the little one shared it generously with my husband.  With this amazing sneezing and coughing group of people I was staying at home in this sunny country, laying in bed, eating Christmas food and playing poker with my in-laws in the evening.

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