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This day, so unique and ephemeral … what part of its fleeting presence will remain?
— Your memories and photographs.


I’m willing to guess that your wedding day will be the result of months of meticulous planning. You’ll have taken hundreds of decisions, some big, some tiny. But each one will contribute to making the whole event into one that reflects the personalities and wishes of you both.

With this in mind I take every care to ensure that your photographs capture the essence of your day, accentuating your style. My approach is to mingle unobtrusively, capturing special moments as the day naturally unfolds.  You’ll find my approach is very relaxed and that it means you can have fun and enjoy yourselves in the full assurance that I will take care of everything to do with the photography.

I specialise in combining two styles of photography; candid and editorial. It’s a mix which allows me to create the most natural and beautiful pictorial record of the event.

Using the candid or reportage style I seek out spontaneous portraits, stunning scenery shots and capture those beautiful, unstructured moments of laughs, smiles, hugs and tears. These creative compositions, delightfully unplanned and natural, will complement the visual story of your wedding.

For my editorial photography I pay close and careful attention to detail, thoroughly capturing the style you’ve chosen, so that these more formal shots add to the serenity of your day, forming an integral part of your precious memories.

Once the ceremony has been completed, together we’ll choose a lovely, quiet location, away from your guests, for the bride and groom’s portrait session, where you can relax and steal a few moments together. By this time I’ll have a good understanding for what will make you feel most comfortable, and with some gentle guidance from me, you’ll truly unwind so I can capture some editorial style portraits.

While the earlier part of the day is mainly about you and your close family and friends, later I’ll move on to take a host of candid portraits, showing your guests enjoying themselves and chatting to you and to each other.

If you’d like some more formal group photographs, I can organise this in such a way that your guests won’t feel their enjoyment is being interrupted, or that they’re being marshalled around! I’ve developed a formula that allows me to capture quick, enjoyable group photos. Rather than falling back on those same old-school clichéd set pieces, I actively work to discover ideas and approaches that work for your wedding, and your style.

My photography is filled with light, softness and colour, and my relaxed, creative approach combines art and nature in a way that’s truly timeless.

I believe there is nothing more beautiful than two people in love with each other, and it’s my passion to capture that joy with my camera. My work is regularly featured in magazines and blogs, and many of my clients are themselves creative and artistic professionals.

I have had the honour to photograph Dame Vivienne Westwood, the Lord Mayor of London, the Master of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners and in places like St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Wrest Park, HQS Wellington, Alhambra, a 9th century palace in Granada (Spain) and many other stunning venues.

If you like the sound of the way I work, please contact me for more information. I would be very happy to share some of the inspirational photographs I have created for clients. 


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